Childcare for Bombay Construction Kids

India is booming, and the men and women building its new skyscrapers must often leave their children to fend for themselves while they work. Some of the luckiest ones have a better option, though — a mobile nursery right at the job site.

Dabbawallas: Fast Food, Mumbai Style

Workers in Mumbai, India, enjoy a unique kind of fast food: Cooked fresh at home, then rushed to offices and workplaces across town by the “lunchbox men,” dabbawallas. In this story, we follow the journey of one particular lunch.

Mexico’s System of Face-to-Face Justice

In Mexico, most court cases are fought almost entirely on paper. But there’s one exception: The “careo,” a no-holds-barred face-off between the accused and their alleged victim. It can be psychologically devastating, especially when sexual assault is involved.

Super 30: India’s poor elite math students

Super 30: India’s poor elite math students

Only the top 2 percent get into India’s best tech universities, the IITs. But math teacher Anand Kumar has had super success getting his students in, despite their poverty.

Posted On: July 19, 2012
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