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Nepali Sisters Blaze Trails for Women

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World Vision Report
This story originally aired on World Vision Report in April 2008.

POKHARA, NEPAL — The Chhetri sisters teach women teach women the skills they need to work as mountaineering guides in Nepal. While running a hotel, they discovered that many female guests felt uncomfortable trekking alone with male guides. Seeing an opportunity, they formed “The Three Sisters Adventure Trekking Company.” They soon needed more female guides, but few women would apply for training — it simply wasn’t respectable. Thirteen years later, they now have more applicants than they can handle. They’ve also started a skills-building program which they say has a dramatic, transformative effect on many of the hundreds of women who’ve participated.

LISTEN NOW: [Total time: 5 mins 42 secs]

LINK: Three Sisters Adventure Trekking Company